It had turned out, however, that Zayn’s friends were very, very far from what he’d expected. Louis was Zayn’s best friend and flatmate, an extremely perky and loud and quirky little figure with caramel colored hair and blue eyes that stood out against his tanned skin and who fell in love with Liam instantly. Niall was Louis’ boyfriend, the two of them worked a book shop and were probably the most unlikely pair Liam had ever seen. Niall had blond hair and eyes that rivaled Louis in intensity and he was equally as hyper and had the same sort of strong personality, blaming it on his Irish heritage. Harry was a very tall and lanky boy (young!) with chocolate brown curls and bright green eyes and tattoos marking most of his upper left arm and chest. He had a camera around his chest the entire night and when he wasn’t taking photos of the group, he was taking photos of his equally tall and older radio host boyfriend Nick. 

Liam had felt somewhat out of place when he’d first reached the flat, looking on at how all five of these boys (men) got on so well and laughed at each other and fit into this inconceivable puzzle piece and Liam was just there. But Zayn appeared every time he’d become a bit skeptical, squeezed his hand tight and handed him a beer and everything sort of warmed up. 

it’s almost dooooone

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